My hope for this site is that it reflects the early days of blogging, when honest advice, real experiences, and passion filled blog posts helped and inspired the women that read them.

I want to do more than show you my outfits, magical vacations, and fun adventures. I want to share tips to help you create a life that you love! This is not a place for FOMO, this is a place for real-life inspiration that uplifts.

I’m also excited to be more transparent about who I am. For too long I tried to be what I thought a blogger “should be”. And the truth of it is, I know way more about Harry Potter than avocado toast. I’m not a “cool girl” by any means, and I’m okay with that. Things may get pretty geeky and whimsical around here, so prepare yourself!

Lastly, I’m passionate about leaving a positive mark on the world and will be sharing content related to sustainable living. I’ve always felt a strong connection to animals and the planet so this felt like the right cause to sign my name to. 

So, if you’re looking for an online bestie who is a little geeky, loves fashion, and wants to save the planet, you’re in the right place!

P.S. Feel free to send questions, suggestions, or feedback using the contact form!