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Global Climate Strike | Everything You Need to Know!

The Global Climate Strike is happening this Friday, September 20th!

If you’re wondering what this means, where it’s happening, and how to participate, this post has everything you need! Plus, if you aren’t able to participate in-person, I’m sharing a few ways you can join the movement digitally.

*All artwork in this post is credited to Jhon Cortés, a graphic designer from the southwest of Colombia*


We are striking to bring attention to the urgency of the climate crisis–THINGS ARE BAD! While the strike itself won’t solve climate issues, it does send a clear message to our leaders and governments that we want change! 

This strike (9/20) is also taking place 3 days before the UN’s climate emergency summit. This is the perfect time to make our voices heard.


The Global Climate Strike is happening this Friday, September 20th! To find a strike location near you visit: and enter your zipcode! 

There is an additional strike on September 27th that is part of Earth Strike (this is a general strike to save the planet–another great opportunity to unite and become a catalyst for change). 


Join the Global Global Strike by walking out of work, school, or home on September 20th (or 27th). You can find a strike location near you by visiting: and entering your zipcode! 


Some of us don’t have the ability to leave work–and some of us shouldn’t! We don’t want doctors walking out of surgery! Or elderly/disabled caretakers abandoning their daily responsibilities. 

Not to mention, some of us depend on daily wages just to survive! 

That’s okay, please don’t beat yourself up! You can still participate digitally or attend events on your days off. Heck, invite your friends over this weekend to discuss the climate crisis and find ways to have an impact in your community.

Plus, this fight doesn’t start and end on Friday. We have a long way to go when it comes to creating a sustainable future.

HOW TO PARTICIPATE IN THE GLOBAL CLIMATE STRIKE DIGITALLY has curated so many amazing assets to help you participate digitally! Check out their DIGITAL CLIMATE STRIKE PAGE for graphics, website banners, and more!

They also have video footage and posters you can use to help spread the word!

“Every individual matters. Every individual has a role to play. Every individual makes a difference.”

Jane Goodall

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