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Glen Ivy Hot Springs is a Self Care Paradise!

Glen Ivy Hot Springs is the perfect place to spend a self-care day! 

I visited the spa for the very first time last week (birthday treat from Will!) and I enjoyed it so much that I’ve been dying to get this post live for you! I know so many women, just like you, who work hard all week long but when the weekend rolls around they forget to make time for themselves!

This is why I’m excited to give you the scoop on Glen Ivy Hot Springs! From mineral baths and massages to facials and frozen yogurt, you will find everything you need to de-stress here.

In today’s post we’ll be chatting about:

  • What is Glen Ivy?
  • Why You’ll Love It
  • The Basics – hours, admission, location 
  • What to Wear & Bring With You
  • What to Expect During Your Visit


Glen Ivy Hot Springs is a spa located in Corona, CA focused on holistic wellness. They offer mineral water pools from the naturally occurring hot springs in the area and SO MUCH MORE. 

Also, it’s has been around since the 1850s! (Don’t worry, it’s been upgraded since than! Lol)


One-stop spot for a day of relaxation! They literally have everything you could want here.

Your Glen Ivy Hot Springs admission includes the use of 19 pools, steam rooms, saunas, outdoor mud therapy (known as “Club Mud”), lounge areas, showers, and lockers. They also offer different wellness activities that vary by day (tai chi, yoga, etc). 

But they also offer a variety of add-on spa treatments like massages, facials, manicures, pedicures, grotto experience (see below), and Shirodhara (a very unique treatment that involves the gentle pouring of liquids over the forehead). I had my very first facial here and LOVED every second of it! It’s a very calming and soothing experience. I have also been getting so many compliments on skin! 

Will and I decided to try the grotto experience and it was very moisturizing and relaxing (look at my eyes, I’m practically asleep!). You’re basically covered in a warm moisturizer that they call “the grotto” followed by 15 minutes in a very intense steam room and then a refreshing shower. (Newbies, this steam room can be a lot to handle. I felt a little smothered by the heat but toughed it out so that my pores could drink up the moisturizer)

Also, there is an age requirement for Glen Ivy Hot Spring. And maybe this is terrible of me to say but I’m so glad they have a 16+ age restriction! A relaxing environment for me does not include screaming toddlers. 


Admission Price:

  • Guaranteed Admission (no other service booked): $62 Mon.-Fri. | $82 Sat.-Sun
  •  Regular Admission (when you are booking a Grotto, a Cabana or Ivy Terrace Reserved Seating): $52 Mon.-Fri. | $72 Sat.-Sun.
  • Wellness Admission (when you are getting a spa treatment): $42 Mon.-Fri. | $62 Sat.-Sun.

Location: 25000 Glen ivy Road Temescal Valley, CA 92883

Hours: 9am – 6pm (Check their website for seasonal and holiday hours)



All you need are the basics – but feel free to add anything else you may need!

  • Sunglasses and/or Hat
  • Swimsuit (dark colored/old – the mud therapy may stain)
  • Flip flops
  • Reusable Water Container – There’s free iced water everywhere! You can fill up your container and keep it poolside
  • Sunblock
  • Toiletries (deodorant, lotion, hairbrush, shower essentials) 


Expect to spend the day lounging and relaxing in and around soothing mineral water! 

 I also recommend locking your phone away in your locker so you can enjoy a digital detox for the day (there are clocks around the resort if you need to keep track of time).

Also, you don’t need to worry about carrying around a credit card or cash if you link your card to your phone number when you enter the spa. This makes it super easy to pay for food, snacks, and drinks. Just give the cashier your number when you purchase something.


Corona is quite a drive (60 miles) from Los Angeles but Glen Ivy Hot Springs is worth the trek!

I went into the day carrying the stress from a very busy month and left feeling calm and renewed (and sleepy! Lol I was so at peace!).

If you’re in need of a self-care day, I highly recommend visiting Glen Ivy!

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