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L.A. Date Night Ideas for Geeky Couples

The weekend has arrived and it’s time to snuggle your muggle! These fun and geeky date ideas are the perfect way to treat your wizard or witch to a little weekend adventure.

Gamehaus Cafe
Perfect for: Board game lovers
Length: 1+ hours – open late on the weekends!
Cost: $7.50 admission per person on Saturday and Sunday

Located in Glendale, CA, this boardgame mecca is the perfect place to spend the day challenging each other! Not only do they have a wide array of games for 2 players, they also offer food, drinks, and alcohol to help take your game time to the next level. If you plan to play for a few hours or with a large group on the weekends, you’ll need to make a reservation (it gets pretty busy!).

Warner Bros. Studio Tour
Perfect for: Movie & TV fans
Length: 2-3 Hours
Cost: $65 per person (Studio Tour option)

You’ll be peeking behind the mystical movie curtain on this tour as you visit movie sets, famous props and costumes! There are also a few interactive opportunities in front of the green screen! A few of my favorite highlights are: The Friend’s Central Perk set (you can take photos on the couch!), Harry Potter props & costumes, and the interactive videos! The tour changes often but it’s always a lot of fun.

The Basement
Perfect for: Thrill seekers and escape room junkies
Length: 1 hour
Cost: $36 Per Person, Per Room/Game

An escape room that’s guaranteed to give you a major adrenaline rush! If you’re looking to add some excitement to your date night plans, The Basement LA is perfect for you! It’s a highly immersive, fear inducing experience unlike any other room I’ve tried in the LA area. Be prepared to deal with live actors, hidden passages ways, and an unforgettable 60 minutes!

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter
Perfect for: Potterheads
Length: All Day
Cost: $120+ Per Person

Is there really anything better than spending the day in Hogsmeade?! You can shop at Honeydukes or Zonko’s Joke Shop, share a meal at the Three Broomstick, and then take a quick walk over to Hogwarts, hand in hand with your muggle . This date is definitely on the pricier side but will easily fill up an entire day. Don’t forget to explore the rest of the park once you’re done with the Wizarding World.

Black Rabbit Rose
Perfect for: Fans of magic, comedy, and vintage aesthetics
Length: 1.5+ Hours
Cost: $40+ per person for show admission

This intimate lounge and theatre is serving up a mystical evening! Their magic show features a variety of acts on a small, velvet draped stage. You can sip on refreshing cocktails as you take in this rare gem of an experience. I also recommend arriving early to enjoy the fresh Thai cuisine on their menu.

What’s your favorite date night spot? Better yet, what makes a perfect date for you (aside from the company)? Are you an adventure seeker, a classic dinner and a movie girl, or do you like to mix it up? Let me know in the comments!

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