4th of July Nails: 7 Super Cute Designs

Have you decided on your 4th of July nails?

If you love to switch up your nail design with the holidays and different seasons, you’re likely already on the hunt for your next design!

I did a little digging on Pinterest to find you some bright and festive designs you can show off over the long 4th of July weekend!

*CLICK HERE to visit my board containing all of the looks (and a few extras!) so you can pin them to your nail board! I also wanted to make sure to give credit to the nail design pinners!

Look #1 – Cute & Classic

I love how cute and easy to recreate this design is! The stars are by for the biggest challenge so be prepared to have a few re-do’s! (Or just show the image to your nail lady!)

Look #2 – Chic Glitter

Most glittery nails are super bold and in your face but these are sparkly and sophisticated. I love the solid line through the middle, it balances out the glitter and elevates the design!

Look #3 – Girly & Festive

I’m a sucker for anything girly! The tiny hearts, delicate stripes, and the bling ring finger are the perfect combination for a 4th of July BBQ.

Look #4 – Polka Dot Party

If you prefer a subtle design that can be worn long after the holiday weekend, these polka dot nails are for you! This is also a design worth trying at home.

Look #5 – Cheerful Splatter Paint

Although these nails seem to be done with geometric confetti glitter, the look is a lot more paint like! It’s a fun, unexpected, and artsy design!

Look #6 – Glitter Flag

A sparkly flag and glitter tips make for a cute set of patriotic nails! This design is simple but also creative! The paint lines curve to create unique look!

Look #7 – Magazine Status

These nails look like they’re straight out of Cosmo or Allure! They’re polished, professional, and still fun! The metal studs aren’t my style but I know some girls that love them!

Which 4th of July nails are “the most you”?

Personally, I’m a sucker for look #3, it’s just so freakin’ cute!. I tend to keep my nails simple but I do love the occasional over the top design! I’m also starting to warm up to the neon color nail trend. It’s so bold and summery.

What is your go-to nail style?

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