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Aquaman Movie Inspired Makeup & Hair Tutorial | Queen Atlanna

Aquaman is hitting theaters this month and I’m so excited!

To celebrate the movie’s release I created a Queen Atlanna (played by Nicole Kidman) inspired makeup and hair video tutorial (above).

I also thought it’d be fun to break down the process of taking inspiration from Aquaman and turning it into a look you can use in your REAL life as a human being that does not live under the sea! Plus, I’ve got a few photos from my beach shoot day to share.

In between new video posts on my channel, you’ll always be able to find fresh posts here on the blog that go more in-depth and provide additional resources and photos. I’ll also be posting plenty of EXCLUSIVE blog content!

The Inspiration – Queen Atlanna

Queen Atlanna totally slays in her scaly white unitard but it’s not a very realistic look for us non-Atlantean humans. 

The embellished bodycon dress I chose has a similar vibe but with a lot more wearability! It’s more of a special occasion dress but highly versatile and worth adding to your wardrobe.

When it comes to Queen Atlanna’s hair and makeup, it’s mostly natural. Soft beachy waves, glowy skin and nothing too dramatic. This is easily translated into an everyday look but I wanted to add a unique touch that played off of the aquatic nature of the movie, hence the wet hair look! 

This wet and glossy beauty look has been trending for awhile and there’s something so sexy about it! It gives you that effortless goddess look, like you just stepped out of the shower and already look flawless!

It’s time to check out the final look! We captured these images after shooting footage for the video! King Triton must have been looking out for us because it was a perfect beach day!

The Results – Beach Photo Shoot 

Natural, glossy, and ready for fun above or below the water!

I love how natural yet fierce this whole beauty look is! I never thought that shower hair could be so chic! The pop of blue under the eyes is also an unexpected twist but a great way to add an element of color to this mostly neutral look!

Also, you can find the full list of the beauty products I used in my video description! Now let’s take a look at a few other images from the beach shoot! 

Are you excited to see the new Aquaman movie?! Also, what movie should I pull style and beauty  inspiration from next? Let me know in the comments!

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vintage style outfit with vintage hair and black heels

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