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Can’t Afford to Shop at Madewell? Try This Affordable Fashion Line Instead!

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links for products I recommend. That means if you click a link and/or make a purchase, I may make a commission. That said, these are my honest thoughts and opinions.

Do you love the chic everyday styles Madewell sells but you can’t afford to buy more than an occasional pair of pants or a top?

Same girl, same! Madewell may have tons of cute stuff but they don’t fit in my budget. Especially not when it comes to stocking up on basics after Marie Kondo-ing my closet!

Luckily, Target has an amazing line, Universal Thread that offers the Madewell aesthetic at Target prices. The quality is also amazing! Their basic tees start at $8 dollars and they can survive quite awhile with proper care (Care Tip: Air dry them!)

In the photo above I’m wearing THESE DENIM OVERALLS ($34) and THIS STRIPED POCKET SHIRT ($8).

The overalls are made of a soft denim with a little stretch to help you get that tailored fit. The wide/straight legs also helps create a longer leaner silhouette on curvy petite bodies like mine.

I also picked up a pair of pink jeans and yes, they’re comfy, cute, and only $27.99! You can CHECK THEM OUT HERE.

Overall I’ve been loving Universal Thread and I highly recommend it to every girl looking for quality wardrobe staples on a budget!

If you’re ready to start shopping, you can head over to the main Universal Thread page HERE. I’ve also linked a few cute shoes and bag in the shopping widget for you!

Are you on a tight clothing budget? What are you favorite places to shop for affordable fashion? Let me know in the comments!

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