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Disney Princess Inspired Outfit: Belle

Today’s outfit inspiration comes from the smart and adventurous bookworm, Belle!

She is my favorite Disney princess! Not only do we have a lot in common, I actually dressed up as her in third grade in this AMAZING costume that my mom and I found at a yard sale. It’s one of my favorite memories, Halloween + favorite teacher/grade + dressing up as a princess = happiest little girl in all the land! 

Also, this look is my first attempt at Disney bounding. I had so much fun brainstorming and creating this ensemble that I have no doubt that I’ll be doing it again soon! I love that bounding allows you to embrace your geeky side in a subtle way that works with your daily life.

Have you ever tried Disney bounding? Which character was your inspiration?

Just a few quick fashion notes, I added the denim jacket because I felt the dress needed a pop of contrast. I also wore heels to help me look longer (and leaner!).  Lastly, this dress has a killer back which adds interest to the look even when I have to take off the jacket (it’s important to keep details like this in mind when picking a dress).

I’m excited to hear your thoughts on this Belle inspired outfit! Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section!


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