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Geek Chic: Be a Dragon Shirt

Are you a sheep? No, you’re a dragon. Be a dragon. – Olenna Tyrell

Not only do I love this quote, it’s also my 2018 motto (possibly even my motto for life!). That is why I knew I NEEDED this shirt!

I styled it with a new skirt and OKN boots for an outfit that quickly became one of my all-time favorite looks. It was girly, comfy, with a subtle touch of geek.

Here are all of the details in case you’d like to recreate the look.

I highly recommend picking up a pair of over the knee boots! I wear this pair with so many of my dresses and skirts. They only have a small heel which makes them way comfier than a pair of heels and they add a feminine touch to every ensemble.

Love the look? You can catch more snapshots of my daily style over on Instagram @Niki_Camacho

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