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Hakuna Matata Shirt + Welcome

Hakuna Matata! I hope your new year is off to a worry-free start!

Is it too early to be excited about the live action Lion King movie coming out in 2019? I can’t help it, I was so impressed with Beauty and the Beast that now I’m overly optimistic about it!

If you’re digging my shirt, you can check it out on Amazon Handmade. It’s available for a little over $20 bucks + shipping, and the fabric is super soft. I ordered mine in a size large and it fit perfectly.

Now, I would like to officially welcome you to my new digital home!

For quite a while, I struggled to find a way to combine my love of fashion & beauty with my passion for fantasy, whimsy, and geekery. Heck, it took me almost 6 years to finally figure it out! But, after tons of brainstorming, reflection, and tons of long chats with my husband, I feel like I’m finally on the right track. Good things take time, right?

I hope to offer you a fresh and girly take on the world of geek and more importantly, I hope to encourage you to embrace who you are and unleash your inner geek!

Life is short. I repeat, LIFE IS SHORT! So spend time exploring the things you love. Forget about “what’s cool” and what isn’t. Just have fun, be yourself, and remember… Valar Morghulis (all men must die), so live like you mean it!

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