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6 Magical Thanksgiving Recipes

Before we chat magical recipes, let’s talk about adding a dose of magic to your Thanksgiving decor!

THIS Game of Thrones inspired baby shower is great inspiration for your whimsical dinner.  The candles, greenery and platters create the perfect display for serving appetizers while you finish cooking the big dinner.

Now let’s dive into these fun recipes!

  1. Faux Pigeon Pie – Warm, comforting, and NOT filled with pigeon! You can reminisce about Joffrey’s well-deserved death as you indulge in this unique Thanksgiving pie.
  2. Butterbeer Pudding Cookies – Just as magical as the drink, these adorable little cookies are topped with lightening bolt sprinkles to seal in the magic! These are a perfect pre-dinner treat because we all know that sometimes the turkey just takes too long!
  3. Apple Strudel – Queenie may not be invited to your family dinner but you can channel her sweetness with a rustic apple strudel that looks just like the one from the first Fantastic Beasts film! 
  4. Leaf Pie – In no way is this an official hobbit pie but just look at… it absolutely belongs in Hobbiton! Give your basic pumpkin pie an upgrade with a whimsical leaf design!
  5. Direwolf Bread – Instead of bread rolls this year, you can treat your family to these mythical pastry beasts! It’s also a great time to start practicing this recipe so you can serve it up at your Game of Thrones viewing party next year! 
  6. White Walker Ice Cream – This may be the only thing white walkers are good for. Enjoy this eerie treat before or after your second helping of turkey!



  • Rebecca | Let's Eat Cake
    October 31, 2018 at 3:58 am

    Thank you for including our Game of Thrones ice cream! I’m so impressed by the other recipes – those pies are simply incredible!

    • Niki Camacho
      October 31, 2018 at 10:05 pm

      Your Game of Thrones ice cream is awesome! I love how magical and creepy it looks! I hope you have a very happy Halloween!


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