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Game of Thrones: Sansa’s Lemon Cakes + Cookbook Review

I finally got my hands on the official Game of Thrones cookbook, A Feast of Fire and Ice!

The cookbook contains over 100 recipes divided by region so you can take your tastebuds on a journey across Westeros!

After trying out the lemon cake recipe, I want to share a few tips for making sure your lemon cakes come out as expected. Plus, I’ll be sharing a few initial thoughts on the cookbook.


One cool thing about this cookbook is that it offers 2 recipes for most things. One authentic renaissance inspired recipe and one modern recipe.

For the lemon cakes I chose the older elizabethan recipe because one, it was simple and involved less ingredients and two, I like the idea that real life royalty might have served something similar back during the renaissance!

Overall, the recipe was easy to follow EXCEPT that it involved more trial and error than I appreciated. First your dough will come out too dry, which the book anticipates and offers a solution for, then it’ll end up too wet as you try to compensate for the dryness, which the book also anticipates.

I wish they had worked the recipe out a little more so that the measurements they provided were more exact and created the perfect consistency dough.

My advice for tackling this lemon cake dilemma, is to add water as SLOWLY as possible to your dry dough. Trying to bring wet sticky dough back to a normal consistency is a time consuming mess! Trust me. I had to add tons of flour and knead it for way too long!

On the bright side, the lemon cakes turned out delicious! They were sweet, lemony, and fun to eat. I added a fresh lemon slice for decoration but you can decorate them however you like. The cookbook offers a simple glaze option to finish them off.


As I mentioned earlier, you’ll find dual recipes (modern and renaissance) for most things in this cookbook which makes the Game of Thrones world feel like it’s a part of history! This is something that I haven’t seen done before so I was very pleasantly surprised!

As you start flipping through the pages, you’ll notice that the images aren’t as enticing as you might expect. Don’t get me wrong, things look tasty but they don’t have that wow factor. Normally, pretty pictures = increased excitement to cook! Maybe the authors knew how excited we would be about this book already so they weren’t too concerned with trying to hook us.

Overall, A Feast of Fire and Ice is definitely a must have for any big Game of Thrones fan. The recipes are unique yet straightforward. Plus, what better way to stir up interesting dinner conversation than by serving your guests a recipe fit for a King, or a Khaleesi!


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