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Geeky Eats: White Walker Popsicles

Winter is coming, but not for awhile! To help pass the time as we wait for the final Game of Thrones season, I created these delicious white walker inspired popsicles!

Rewatch all 7 seasons with these sweet treats or save the recipe for your seasonal finale viewing party.

To create these tasty pops, you’ll only need 3 ingredients:

**OPTIONAL: Coconut shreds ( This is for decorative purposes only)


  1. Mix 2 large glasses of horchata (16oz each)
  2. Add 1-2 drops of blue food coloring to one glass and stir
  3. Prop your molds up in large glass and fill them about halfway up with blue horchata
  4. Freeze for 1.5 hours Pull your popsicles out of the freezer and fill them the rest of the way up with the white horchata Freeze for 2.5+ hours – horchata takes a while to harden so it’s best to make these the night before you plan to enjoy them.

That’s it! You’re all set to enjoy these delicious popsicles. If only defeating the army of the undead was this easy!

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