5 Reasons Why You HAVE to go to the Renaissance Faire!

Hear ye hear ye! It’s time to party like it’s fourteen ninety-nine!

Leave your worries and stress behind as you venture back in time for a day filled with merriment, drinks, and adventure. But beware, the past has an intoxicating charm and you may find yourself unwilling to return to the present!

Every year, from April to mid May, Southern California opens up a portal to the past and invites everyone to join the fun at The Original Renaissance Pleasure Faire!

Costumes are optional (but highly encouraged) and the majority of attendees fully embrace the experience!

If you haven’t experienced the wonderment, here’s 5 reason why you HAVE to go! 

  1. The Cider – This magical elixir is available in a variety of flavors and improves the quality of life and all shows tenfold! That’s not to say the shows aren’t already great, but cider makes everything a little more fun. Trust me – I speak from experience. Also, the pub wenches will happily serve your cider in a drinking horn or heavy pewter cup – just hit the shops first to pick up your drinking weapon of choice
  1. You Can Throw Weapons without Experience – Even the lowliest of peasants are invited to partake in axe throwing, ninja star tossing, and javelin thrusting! Don’t panic, there’s an attendant at each booth for safety and to offer basic instruction (and to tease you in an elizabethan accent).
  1. Shop til thee Dropeth – As I mentioned earlier, you can pick up a drinking horn or impressive pewter cup from one of the vendors but there are also a lot of other handmade goods available for purchase. From fragrant soaps and candles to unique tea blends and quality costumes, you’ll be able to find everything your heart desires. Just make sure to bring enough gold coins and rubies (a credit card works too)!
  1. Show Time – Love animals? Check out the bird show! Love Magic? Stop by Merlin’s stage to see this beloved sorcerer bend the rules of reality! Also, each year you’ll find a few new acts to enjoy. You’ll have no trouble finding a show that tickles your fancy!
  1. Tea Time with the Queen – What renaissance experience would be complete without a little hobnobbing with the Queen herself?! Imagine this, you and the finest nobility have been invited for an afternoon of hot tea, fresh scones, and delightful conversation with the world’s most fascinating monarch! Just be sure to get tickets to this special event asap – they sell out quickly!

Are you ready for this adventure?! The renaissance faire is right around the corner and your chance to frolick among knights and swap stories with royalty will soon be gone!

Don’t wait another second before grabbing your ticket to mystical past.

CLICK HERE to buy tickets or CLICK HERE to read the FAQ page

I hope to see you there!

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  • Niki Camacho
    March 19, 2018 at 4:50 am

    Really?! To be honest, it’s pretty hard to find a amazing ren faire here too. The one I linked above is big and elaborate but I also experienced a more generic one last year. If you’re ever planning a visit to the US, aim for the end of April so you can attend 🙂


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