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8 Escape Rooms in Los Angeles that you Have to Try!

Do you love escape rooms?! Anyone willing to get locked in a room for an hour to solve puzzles and clues, is a-okay in my book!

Not there yet? Don’t worry, these 8 escape rooms in Los Angeles can easily turn beginners into fanatics and junkies into even bigger fans!

There are still a LOT of rooms on my to-do list (and more popping up everyday) but these 8 rooms offer amazing experiences, uniques puzzles, and 60 minutes of extreme fun!

Each listing includes the room name and company so you can explore more of their room offerings.

The Haunted Recording Studio – Escape Room Games Los Angeles

Players: 3-12
Difficulty Level: 6/10
Fear Level: 4/10
Room Aesthetic/Design: 7/10

Help free the trapped soul of a talented singer from this dark and creepy recording studio. You’ll partake in innovative and interactive challenges that are unlike any I’ve experienced. Just be sure to warm up your vocal chords!

This is a great room for all levels (my newbie parents LOVED it) and the scare factor is present but far from extreme so even scaredy cats will enjoy the variety of puzzle in this multi-room experience!

*A new room recently opened at this location: Chernobyl

The Theatre – Escape Room LA

Players: 12 max
Difficulty Level: 8/10
Fear Level: 4/10
Room Aesthetic/Design: 9/10

Head backstage to explore this haunted theatre. There are tons of puzzles to solve and clues to uncover. You might even need to conjure some magic  in order to free a thespian ghosts!

I highly recommend getting a group of 12 together for this. You’ll need all the help you can get and there’s always an advantage to knowing all of your team members.

*A new room recently opened at this location  (The Pyramid). Check out my review HERE!

The Virus – Get the F Out

Players: 8 max
Difficulty Level: 7/10
Fear Level: 2/10
Room Aesthetic/Design: 9/10

Throw on a white lab coat and join a team of top scientist as you race against the clock to find the antidote to a deadly virus! This room is well themed, high-tech, and challenging.

And since saving the world isn’t hard enough, you’ll also have to worry about the walls slowly closing in on you as the game progresses. Good luck, you’re going to need it!

*A new room recently opened at this location: The Experiment

The Basement – The Basement LA

Players: 10 max
Difficulty Level: 10/10
Fear Level: 9/10
Room Aesthetic/Design: 10/10

You’ve been kidnapped by a cannibalistic serial killer who would like nothing more than to turn you into a meat pie. But first, he’s going to have a little fun with you! Can you outsmart him and escape?

This is a highly immersive room! I want to stress this as much as possible so you know what you’re signing up for. Be prepared to live out a real life horror movie, complete with live actors!

You must be clever, quick, and a little twisted (like me) if you want to make a successful escape!

I’m also a big fan of their Boiler Room but it was recently converted to The Elevator Shaft! Can’t wait to check it out!

Central Bank – RoomEscape Los Angeles by Fox in a Box

Players: 2-6
Difficulty Level: 7/10
Fear Level: 0/10
Room Aesthetic/Design: 7/10

Grab your closest friends and prepare for a fast paced jewelry heist! As soon a you enter you’ll come face to face with a diamond filled vault twinkling in all it’s glory.

This room is great for thieves of all skill levels. The clues are creative and challenging but not impossible. Also, in case the pressure gets to you (and your bladder) this is one of the few locations that allows you to step out and use the restroom! TMI?

Dr. Brown Manor – Escape IQ

Players: 8 max
Difficulty Level: 8/10
Fear Level: 0/10
Room Aesthetic/Design: 7/10

This unexpected gem is located in the heart of the LA arts district.

Come prepared for a challenge because this room requires a heaping dose of skill and speed. With lots of puzzles to solve and multiple rooms to get through, you can’t waste a minute!

I recommend tackling this room with more experienced room goers – unless you’ve got a group of bold beginners!

Prison – Maze Room Escapes

Players: 3-6
Difficulty Level: 6/10
Fear Level: 0/10
Room Aesthetic/Design: 6/10

It’s time to serve some time in the slammer!

While this room’s aesthetics aren’t as elaborate as some of the others, the Prison room does have some unique and unexpected puzzles. After doing a lots of rooms, it’s refreshing when you encounter original puzzle ideas.

This fun room is great for all skill levels.

Insane Asylum – PanIQ Escape Room

Difficulty Level: 6/10
Fear Level: 7/10
Room Aesthetic/Design: 8/10

Step inside a an abandoned insane asylum and try to solve the mystery of an old patient. Just be careful not to lose your mind and end up in a straight jacket!

This room is a great way to kick off your escape room career (yes, career – a girl can dream). The theme is well executed, the puzzles are well thought out, and you won’t be able to shake the eerie feeling you get as soon as you enter. Maybe there’s still a patient lingering on the premises… who can say for sure?

If you’re in the mood for a little spooky fun, this is the room for you!

Have you had an amazing escape room experience recently? I beg you to share all the details in the comment section! If it’s in the Los Angeles area, I’ll be sure to check it out and if it’s not, I’ll need even more details so I can live vicariously through you!

I’ll be back soon with more escape room reviews and recommendations!

In the meantime, here are a few tips to help you become a master escaper!


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