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4 Things Every Game of Thrones Fan Needs to Know!

It’s may be hard to believe that there’s anything you don’t know about one of your all time favorite shows… but guess what? There’s a good chance you haven’t heard about these Game of Thrones facts!

You Can Sing Along to Game of Thrones

Say whaaaat? Did you know that there’s an official companion rap album?! And it’s free to listen to on Sound Cloud!

Catch the Throne is a two volume mix tape filled with songs from some pretty big names. Snoop Dog, Daddy Yankee, and a few other well-known artist all lent their vocals to the 2 part project that was released before seasons 4 and 5.

Dothraki is a REAL Language … and You Can Learn it!

Now you have one more way to channel your inner Khaleesi!

The G.O.T. show creators hired David Peterson to create a real language for the show (and make our dreams come true). The best part? For only $20 you can get the book and CD guide! You’ll be speaking Dothraki in no time.

Shame of Thrones is a Musical Must

After checking out this (totally un-official) musical parody last year I tried to convince every I knew to go see it! You’ll laugh and clap along as you try see your favorite character like you’ve never seen them before.

After traveling to New York the show is currently on hiatus but I HIGHLY recommend following their social accounts to get updated on their next show dates!

Cook a Meal Fit for a King or the Knight’s Watch

If you’ve ever wanted to dine with the Starks or savor Sansa’s favorite lemon cakes while pretending to be ruler of the seven kingdoms, you have to pick up A Feast of Ice and Fire: The Official Game of Thrones Companion Cookbook.

There’s over 100 recipes (divided by region) and it contains a dining and entertaining in the style of the Seven Kingdoms!

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