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Aquaman Movie Review + Video

Overall Rating: 70%
Casting: 9/10 – They got it right!
Plot: 7/10 – Predictable but solid!
CGI: 8/10 – Stunning

I wanted to deliver this Aquaman movie review as quickly as possible!

I caught the early screening of the film that Amazon Prime offered just so that I could come back here and give you the inside scoop!

If you’re cool with spoilers check out the video! (Honestly, I don’t think the spoilers will ruin the film. There aren’t any shocking Aquaman revelations.)

If you want to keep this movie review spoiler free, just keep reading!

Is it worth the price of admission

Yes! I know we all get a little nervous when a DC movie comes out but Aquaman is entertaining. Don’t expect it to change your life but you’ll definitely enjoy it!

Also Wonder Woman > Aquaman … in case you were wondering.

Did it have any major flaws?

Surprisingly no! The story is predictable but overall there wasn’t anything so jarringly wrong with it that it stuck with me. I left the theater feeling satisfied.

Most of the movie is underwater, how does that work?

Don’t worry, they’ve truly done a wonderful job at solving the “underwater issue”. You can clearly hear people speak even when they’re underwater.

The lack of light underwater is also not an issue!

Is this a good family film or should I save it for date night?

I agree with the film PG-13 rating. There’s a lot of fighting but nothing near Game of Thrones gore.

Overall, my vote is to save this for date night and take the family to see The Grinch! (side note: I love the new grinch movie!)

Lastly, how did Jason Momoa do as Aquaman?

He is the most believable Aquaman ever! Maybe he is secretly Aquaman in real life?

Lately, I’ve been comparing Jason to Dwane Johnson because both of them are these big and intimidating guys who have a captivating spirit. They just show up do their acting thing and it feels so genuine!

I do wish that Jason had more lines. But overall the film seemed to be limited on deep conversations and lines overall.

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