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Why We Need More Characters Like Ruby Roundhouse

“We have so many female characters in these types of films who are just badass and sexy, and it’s a bit of a stereotype now. We need more flawed, awkward, silly girls that fall over.” – Karen Gillan (Read the full interview HERE)

I must confess, I love seeing sexy, butt-kicking female characters in movies! They instantly become my new alter ego and make me feel empowered. BUT…. we NEED to switch it up Hollywood!

Is it so much to ask for some new dynamic female characters?

Ruby Roundhouse (Karen Gillan) was unique in a lot of ways. She wasn’t the typical super confident female hero. Instead, she was a little offbeat, insecure, and even borrowed a jacket from another character to cover up her flat stomach!

I do have to point out that Karen Gillan is a beautiful, tall, modelesque woman. So while her character was refreshing, she looked a lot like you would expect her to. But, I can’t hold that against her, instead, I applaud her for acknowledging the void in this space and for bringing attention to the sexualization of women in roles like these.

There is definitely a time and place for strong and sexy female characters (I love them), I just wish we also got to see other characters with different attributes and personalities!

How do you feel about this? Would you like to see a variety of female characters on screen or are you all about the sexy, fierce, and confident women we’ve grown accustomed to seeing in these roles? Let me know in the comments!

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