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Exploratorium: Expand Your Mind in San Francisco

A very special thank you to the Exploratorium for providing me with complimentary admission tickets to facilitate this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

The Exploratorium Museum in San Francisco promises to feed your curiosity but were they able to satisfy my appetite?

Nestled along the bay, Pier 15 is home to an inquiry-based museum striving to transform learning world-wide. More than simply delivering science based answers, the Exploratorium aims to create confident question-askers.

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Their hundreds of hands-on exhibits encourage guests to experience science, art, and human perception in a way that’s more tangible than the words on the page of a science book.

Is it possible to remove color from a room by simply using light? Can a curved mirror have a 3-D effect?

Most importantly, what happens when you spend 37 years using toothpicks as a building material?!

All of these questions, and so many more can be investigated, explored, and experiences at the various museum exhibits! You’ll find something new to interact with around every corner.

In addition to everything the Exploratorium offers within the cost of admission, you also have the opportunity to purchase tickets to their Tactile Dome – a pitch-black, interactive excursion that puts your senses to the test!

Your initial instinct might be fear. Let me guess, your envisioning yourself meandering helplessly in a room of endless darkness? Lost forever in some sort of inexplicable black hole?

Kudos on your impressive imagination but don’t worry, the experience is NOT fear-based. You are in a safe, controlled environment, and you are simply relying on the use of your tactile senses (instead of your vision) to crawl, slide, and navigate your way through the dome.

From beginning to end, you’re only in the dome for about 10 minutes (max) but you are welcome to go through as many times as you’d like during your allotted time slot.  I was slightly anxious about entering the Tactile Dome but I ended up enjoying every second of it!

The experience is unique, invigorating, and should not be missed!

If you are visiting San Francisco any time soon, I highly recommend a visit to the Exploratorium!

It’s family friendly during the day and they offer an adult-friendly experience on Thursday nights (After Dark) that includes alcoholic drinks and an older, but just as curious, crowd.

Be sure to set aside a few hours to experience it all!

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