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Call upon your inner Indiana Jones and prepare to head into a hidden jungle in search of a lost treasure belonging to an ancient Jade warrior!

Escape Room LA has a special place in my heart. It is where my obsession for 60 minute puzzle rooms first began so I’m thrilled to be highlighting their newest room, The Pyramid, in today’s post!


First off, I have to mention that every room at Escape Room LA has an elevated aesthetic. Their set design is some of the best in Los Angeles! (I’ve experienced all of their rooms except the detective)

I’m happy to report that The Pyramid room is no exception! From the moment you enter, you’ll feel fully immersed in the ancient pyramid theme. Try to envision the Indiana Jones ride at Disneyland and that’ll give you a good sense of the room.

As you continue working your way through the room you’ll be tempted to stop and appreciate all of the styling details but wait until your game is over to do so because you only have 60 minutes to get out!


Come ready for a challenge!

I have a soft spot for linear puzzles and struggle with the non-linear ones, like some of the ones featured in The Pyramid, but I think it’s fun to challenge yourself to various puzzle types.

My team was one puzzle away from a successful escape but it took a LOT of work to make it that far! The 40% escape rate makes this room sound like it’ll be breeze but don’t be fooled, you’ll need to work hard and fast!


Find 7 of your best friends and bring them with you! This room has space for up to 8 players and I find it a lot easier to work with friends and family.

Also, I recommend tackling this room with people who have a few room escapes under their belt. You can totally take on The Pyramid as a newbie but it might be overwhelming if you’ve never had any experience.


Overall, Escape Room LA is a fantastic venue! I’ve never been disappointed by any of their rooms. They put a lot of work and love into everything they do and it shows.

I had so much fun attempting to solve the mystery of the ancient Jade warrior in the Pyramid room! I wish I could wipe my memory and try it again.



Explore the Rooms:

The Alchemist
The Cavern
The Detective
The Theatre
The Pyramid

Escape Room LA is located at:
120 E. 8th Street (between Main and Los Angeles Streets)
Downtown Los Angeles 90014


Know of a great escape room in the greater Los Angeles area? Let me know! I love to visit new venues and review them for you!

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