I Visited the Bird Box House in Monrovia, CA!

Netflix turned a quiet little street in Monrovia California into a terrifying scene for their film, Bird Box, that was released last November. The best part? You can swing by for a quick photo op! There’s also no charge to visit – which is pretty rare in the Los Angeles area.

The Bird Box house is on private property so don’t go running up to the door or start acting out scenes on the lawn (I used all my willpower to resist). Luckily, there is a cement sidewalk in front of the home so you can snap a few photos or video. *Tip: Bring a blindfold!

You can get the location by CLICKING HERE . It seems google can’t actually list the address since it’s a private residence but you don’t need the address to navigate there, just use the link above.

If you want to see me be overly excited about this and embarrass my husband, check out the vlog:

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