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Queen Mary Paranormal Investigation

I was provided with complimentary tickets for this experience. The thoughts and opinions expressed below are 100% honest and authentic!

Do you believe in ghosts?

I went down to the lowest level of a haunted ship to find out if they exist.

Correction, I went on a paranormal tour because I love unique experiences and my husband is sweet enough to humor me (and hold my hand because I’m a major scaredy cat! Lol).

So picture this, it’s almost midnight and you’ve just boarded a massive ship. For the next few hours, you’ll be scouring the dark depths of its bottom levels to search for the supernatural.

The paranormal investigation began with a quick introduction from an expert in the field and then we jumped right in! Our guide handed out a variety of “ghost detecting” tools (compass, metal rods, etc) to help us locate and confirm any supernatural presence we might encounter.

Things got scary pretty quickly. The lower levels of the ship were bathed in an eerie yellow light and there were more dark corners than I could mentally handle. Once we started calling out and asking the other side to communicate with us, I was covered in goosebumps!

From there, things only got creepier as we moved through the dimly lit ship, in and out of small passageways, hunting ghosts. This was unlike anything I’ve ever done before.

I don’t want to give too much away because I hope to encourage you guys to experience this tour yourself but I can tell you that it’s definitely a MUST DO if you’re near or planning to visit Long Beach, CA.

If you’re an open-minded thrill seeker, you’ll truly enjoy this adventure. It felt like being the main character in a suspense/horror movie!

Now I know what you’re wondering, did we encounter any ghosts?

Mid-tour, in a small dark room near the broiler,  we heard a small disembodied voice answer one of our questions with a “No.” I’ll be the first to admit that it could have simply been a fellow tour-goer whispering into the dark but we’ll never know for sure and that’s part of the fun!

Before you go, I wanted to share a few tips to help you have a fun tour. Here’s what I recommend for this paranormal investigation:


  • Wear comfy sneakers – you’ll be walking A LOT
  • Catch a nap during the day because the tour can run long (an extra hour or two)
  • Bring a recording device and camera (your phone works, just make sure it’s fully charged!)
  • Bring water/snack in your bag – they will not be provided
  • Take an open-minded friend – nothing will ruin this experience faster than the wrong companion
  • Buy your tickets in advance – they sell out on weekends

If you’re dying to plan your adventure, you can CLICK HERE to visit the ticket page on the Queen Mary website.

In the comments, let me know if you love scary adventures and whether or not you’d be up for a ghost hunt!

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